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Experience the Difference with aPaaS Cloud

Our Easy to work aPaaS platform gives you inbuilt application and database choices with auto scalability services to let you spend more time coding and less time managing infrastructure.

Scale/Descale your apps on the fly with zero Downtime

aPaaS Cloud automates many solutions and lets you scale services that lead to a fresh package. So, you can add new containers to your existing service. Such automation and auto scaling profoundly simplify and boost up the development process for your project. Additionally, you can scale and descale your services to add/remove any application, database, and development tools and make your application highly available. Besides, we provide various controls that allow developers and users to set their working times.

By Default SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

Only users know that using sensitive information in bulk makes it complicated for intruders to access such information and accounts. That's why aPaaS Cloud platform renders the two-factor authentication (2FA) and inbuilt SSL security that ensures high protection of your projects. So, you can freely develop your applications without fear of losing your data. Additionally, the platform enables you to install your private Secure Socket Layer Security software to ensure additional data security.

Create Rich applications with Multiple Services Support

Click on Signup and start creating your responsive and rich applications using inbuilt software, databases, and upgraded development tools. Our Platform provides you multiple services support such as standalone applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Spring Boot, , etc., and multiple relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. So, you can select your choice of platform and database just with one click and start developing your application without caring about whether the project is a small or large one.

Load Balancer Out of the Box

aPaaS Cloud renders the load balancing on the infrastructure level and application level. In Infrastructure out-of-the-box load balancing, all the user requests are processed either employing the Shared Load Balancer(SLB) or via public IP of both versions(IPv4 and IPv6) address. The Shared Load Balancer is open source, which is highly opted for the development and testing. Whereas, at the Application level, a set of certified pre-configured load balancers installed by the developers, manages all the loads over their applications and provides them an efficient user experience.

Easy to Monitor Data Volume

Data and performance monitoring is no more a complex activity with our platform. Developers find difficulty when they work hard and are unable to analyze the performance. Our platform brings easy to use features that let the developers build a rich application but also monitor their live performance, consuming power, etc. So, by using Dashboard, you can check all the data volumes and statistics for your developed application and project with one click.

Highly-Available WordPress Cluster

Our platform is built by keeping the developer's easy to go requirement in mind. That's why we offer you highly available WordPress using a ready-to-go template. The template can be automatically installed with:

NGINX load balancers (LB)

Auto-scaled NGINX PHP FPM servers (AS)

Deployed the latest version of WordPress

Geo-distributed clustering across multiple data centers

Replicated MySQL databases (DB)

Dedicated Storage node (DS)

Divide, customize, and spread Automated Deployment.

One-Click Installs for a Growing Collection of Apps

Our aPaaS Cloud includes a wide range of pre configured and pre-installed applications and databases in our marketplace. Some standalone applications are WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Springbot, etc., and Databases like SQL and PostgreSQL. All these are ready to use services. So, without making any changes to their code, you can install them with one click. Additionally, you can install any custom software to meet the growing demands of your project.

Auto-Replicated and Scaled Databases

High reliability and availability of the data storing system are the basic requirements of developers for their projects to ensure service quality. Configuring a custom database clustering from the beginning can be a very complex task. However, the aPaaS Cloud platform offers you inbuilt automated and auto-scalable managed Databases(MySQL, PostgreSQL) in which you do not need to do complicated manual configurations. You can use these pre-packaged and pre installed databases with replications and auto scaling features for your project.

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