Privacy Policy

This privacy policy agrees upon how aPaaS Cloud uses and secures your credentials and sensitive data that you share with us while using this website. aPaaS Cloud is committed to assuring that your data privacy is highly protected. We shall ask you for some information in order to identify the use of our site legally under the acceptance of this privacy statement.

aPaaS Cloud has the authorization to make any change and alter the privacy policy anytime. We update the information on this page from time to time. So, you need to check this page from time to time to ensure that you agree with the modified policy statements. This Privacy policy is effective from 15/07/21.

Personal Information Collection:

What we collect from you-

  • Name and Email Address
  • Information about the payment transactions
  • Information that you give while registering to the website.
  • Any other information that you send to the aPaaS Cloud.
  • Contact information
  • Other relevant information

We gather this information to comprehend the user needs and ensure better services and customer satisfaction. Also, for this listed reasons:

  • Easy selection of platform
  • Choosing the web server (optional)
  • Selection of Database
  • Send you statements and invoices
  • For easy payment collections
  • To send accessible marketing communication.

In addition to the acknowledgments, we may share your personal details only to identify under legal proceedings or perspectives or defend its legal rights.


We ensure to keep your data and information confidential and protected from unauthorized access or any disclosures. We secure your data by providing suitable electronic and physical security measures.

How do we Use Cookies?

A cookie is a small file that asks your permission when you enter the information while registering to any site. You can either accept or decline the cookies. Some of the sites are automatically accepting the cookies, and you can change them in your setting. aPaaS Cloud is not responsible for securing your data from such websites as this privacy statement does not govern them. aPaaS Cloud stores all your personal data and sensitive information that you provide us on a secure server. All the transactions made by you on this site will be protected and highly secured by encryption technology.

All the data and information that aPaaS Cloud collects from the users may be processed where aPaaS Cloud operates to permit the use of information in the consent of this privacy policy.

If you consider any information on aPaaS Cloud incorrectly or infringe the laws, please write an email as soon as possible. We will promptly make corrections to the information that we found to be incorrect.

Updating this statement

aPaaS Cloud may update, alter, and modify this privacy policy by updating the new policy on this privacy policy page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure you are updated with the new policy.

Acceptable Usage Policy

Users of aPaaS Cloud platform shall not use or shall not let any other users make use of the platform, all the built in software and services in any way that infringes laws. Including the nation, central, state, or local law or regulation, or for any out of order, illegal purposes, including but not restricted to defamation, data theft, harassment, inapt data distribution, incorrect monitoring of any person.

Links to third party Sites

aPaaS Cloud platform providers are useful and available for all the potential developers globally who want to complete their large projects at minimal cost and in less time.


All the tools, software, and platform provided by the aPaaS Cloud may be used for lawful purposes only. Development, testing, storage, or permission of any information, data, and tools to infringe any States Federal, State, or city law is forbidden.

The user agrees to assure and hold secure aPaaS Cloud from any claims resulting from any inbuilt services that corrupt the users or any other party.


We are not allowed to develop or build any applications that violate the laws, such as:

  • Any unauthorized Copyright Media sites.
  • Unlicensed applications
  • Key generators or hacking programs
  • Child pornography or kidnapping material
  • Fraudulent activity, chain letters, forgery, phishing, hacking applications, or imitation.
  • Racist material, weapons instructor applications, terrorist promotion app

Additionally, aPaaS Cloud prohibits:

  • Any IRC related programs
  • Softwares used for attacks and floods
  • Bullying, harassing, or offensive sites
  • Unacceptable content

Online Activity:

Any actions and efforts to cause harm to the aPaaS Cloud tools in built software, equipment, networks, operations, and customers are strictly prohibited. aPaaS Cloud will proceed with the legal action if any user encounters to violate any rules and regulations mentioned in the privacy policy statement.

Any activity believed to be abusive, unlawful, harmful to the operations of aPaaS Cloud is halted. This includes,

  • DDoS (Denial of Service Attacks)
  • Mail Bombing
  • Unsolicited Advertising via IM, Forums, Newsgroups, Email, etc.


The aPaaS Cloud Dept connects the clients via Email when they find any violation. These alerts or warnings are a sign of courtesy. If any client receives any alert from the member of aPaaS Cloud, then the client itself is responsible for citing any action taken within 24 hours of the prior notice. The clients who fail to fix the problems may lead to suspension. Repeatedly failed clients may result in termination.


If any user violates or unfollows the terms and conditions of aPaaS Cloud, it shall be liable for his/her account suspension and termination. aPaaS Cloud has all the rights to terminate and remove any account in order to infringe the policy without prior notice. The clients are not accountable for refunds of any advance payments for deactivated accounts.

Abusive Clientele:

aPaaS Cloud may at its wisdom to suspend, terminate, remove, or delete any client service that is abusive/harassing to aPaaS Cloud and its employees. Few examples of such activities, but are not limited to:

  • Verbal abuse - insulting, shouting, threatening, etc.
  • Negligence of warnings and notices
  • Steady alertness causing redundant workload
  • Spamming aPaaS Cloud Email address, ticket systems, or services
  • Continuous involvement in non permitted activities
  • Consistent installation of unauthorized software

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries related to our privacy policies or how we have been managing your personal credentials, please contact our aPaaS Cloud Privacy department at [email protected]

We're glad to keep you at the end of this privacy policy because understanding this stuff ensures you can easily use and manage the information.