Service Level Agreement

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A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the confidential contract between a customer and a Company to maintain a reliable and strong relationship. This is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the Developer/ its Company Name and aPaaS Cloud. This document acknowledges that we render the user-friendly and ready to use platform with the in Built Software, programming language options, Hardware, marketplace of applications, and Databases that you require to develop or build your critical applications and resource intensive websites. The expected level of services from the current date to last longer.

aPaaS Cloud is confined to work closely with willing and interested users and developers seeking to develop large scale dynamic projects. We ensure to provide powerful and high quality inbuilt tools and equipment that are beneficial for potential developers and your end customers. This Service Level Agreement covers exclusive outlines to let you know the criteria of using our platform and under which conditions you are eligible to use the inbuilt services of this platform.

If you have any queries and questions in your mind concerning this Service Level Agreement or related policies, please feel free to connect with us on respective Email [email protected]

Last Updated 17 July 2021 aPaaS Cloud


This Service Level Agreement is effective for three major roles including:

  • DEVELOPERS: You (The person who build the project)
  • PLATFORM: A pre build infrastructure where you get inbuilt and ready to use tools & services
  • COMPANY: aPaaS Cloud where you work on hourly basis to complete your projects

To accomplish the Developer's high expectations, we ensure to offer an excellent platform to let you build your resource intensive and large projects with remarkable consistency. We assure you to provide reliable services on our easy to use platform, covering all the essential aspects and problems, including network, power, and hardware failure on this Service Level Agreement(SLA).

Service Level Agreement Goal

aPaaS Cloud is a leading and popular platform and its service provider. Our primary goal is to cater easy to use and developer-friendly tools and equipment with on-premise troubleshoot services.

We have a well-trained and highly expert engineers team with hands-on experience on a broad range of IoT and technical skills, including the designing, development, hardware, operating system, and custom applications installation used to develop a project. aPaaS Cloud provides on premise customer and technical support if you encounter some problems. So, you can contact us for more info and support by raising a ticket on the client portal or from the help desk via [email protected], or by making a call: +919772222179.

We serve the best to give you instant support in the situations listed below:

Covered Issues


All the hardware equipment and tools provided by us for your project development will be guaranteed supported and replaced under the SLA tier.

Network & Power:

We provide excellent network infrastructure and power systems operated by our experts 24*7 to ensure reliable connectivity of networks and seamless power supply. aPaaS Cloud assures you the network & power availability by this SLA tier.

In built Software:

aPaaS Cloud ensures the availability of high quality software and services for your easy and quick development of projects. We provide all authorized and licensed applications. You are also enabled to install trusted custom applications on your own.

Database and Technology

We ensure to provide a large database to store any sort of high quality data. Our offered databases are MariaDB 10.4. Maria DB 10.5, and PostgreSQL. You can choose any of the Databases for storing the data and information for your large projects. Except for the mentioned databases, we do not provide other databases that are not mentioned on aPaaS Cloud Website.


We resolve problems related to cPanel/WHM, Fantastico, Webmin, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Helm, Interworx, Virtuozzo, SQL, MySQL, PHP, Apache, IIS, Litespeed Web Server, APF Firewall, CSF Firewall, IPFW, IPTables, Windows Firewall, R1Soft CDP. Except for this exceptionally mentioned software, We do not provide support for other software.

Other Issues

You can ask for additional support from aPaaS Cloud for the following services: Security, load balancing, extending the working hours, and other add-ons.

None Covered Issues

aPaaS Cloud will not be responsible for the management and maintenance of any custom built software. If you install any self coded software and applications on our platform to build your project. Then you are yourself responsible for fixing errors and troubleshooting. There is no company involvement in your custom-built applications unless a legal agreement is not made between the developer and aPaaS Cloud.

Exceptions to the Service Level Agreement

Apart from the terms we mention in this Service Level Agreement. If we found any misuse of our platform, such as building applications against our terms of the policy. Then we take strict action against the users. We can stop your services without providing any refunds.

  • Developers action: Any unauthorized and illegal use of the software on our platform by developers must be liable for penalty.
  • Malicious activity: Any unauthorized access and suspicious activities that are made or developed by developers with malicious intent.
  • Maintenance: Any sort of interruptions while developing the projects resulting from the emergency maintenance across the hardware and software.
  • Legal Action: Legal and strict instant actions will be taken against the aPaaS Cloud platform user and developers if they are found to develop any unauthorized applications that are against our terms of services.

If any aPaaS Cloud Platform user is found to break the company policy, Terms of Services, and Conditions, the company reserves all rights to stop their services, take action against the users, close their project, or not give you refunds.

Without any authorization and written agreement, if any services and trademarks sold by the users must be liable for the penalty and strict legal actions.

SLA Credits

In aPaaS Cloud, no SLA credit system. Developers need to recharge their company portal account to work on an hourly basis. So, working more hours intends to complete your project, you need to maintain the balance in your account. As long as your account is keeping the balance, as long as you can work closely on aPaaS Cloud platform. Once you complete the project, you can discard it.