Terms and Conditions

General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)

While presenting the aPaaS cloud platform provider, we have introduced working on an hourly basis for potential developers. So, you can build heavy loaded and large projects in one click using the in-built software, databases, and other application development tools.


All the information and content used in the aPaaS Cloud website are the copyrighted works.


This Agreement sets forth the guidelines, principles, and complete requirements of the Terms of services of our company aPaaS Cloud governing the use of our platform on an hourly basis to create, innovate and deliver their large projects on time. These Terms of Services have been made to promote the reliability, security, and high data privacy of the companies tool and equipment and customer details. The company has the right to modify or change the Terms of Service at any time. Any updation or modifications shall be automatically effective for all the users who require the platform for developing their projects. By employing the company's platform, tools, and equipment, the customer agrees with the Terms of Services herein outlined.


Under some conditions, you can view, copy, print, or share the information available on the aPaaS Cloud website. All published information may be used for personal, educational, or non commercial objectives. But you do not have any right to modify or alter the information without any written permission from aPaaS Cloud. Any piece of information from the website must be copyrighted. Any downloadable software on the website must be licensed and have an applicable license agreement.

Warranties and Disclaimer

Except for the services clearly mentioned on the site. All the information, software, applications, tools, and other equipment on the website are provided "AS IS" without any warranty. aPaaS Cloud is not responsible for any kind of errors, incomplete data & information, software, and services. In no event shall aPaaS Cloud or any of its employees, directors, representatives be liable for any kind of damage, including Loss due to computing, Data & information, theory of Liability, connection with the use or performance of equipment.

User prohibited from illegal uses

Users of aPaaS Cloud platform shall not use or shall not let any other users make use of the platform, all the built in software and services in any way that infringes laws. Including the nation, central, state, or local law or regulation, or for any out of order, illegal purposes, including but not restricted to defamation, data theft, harassment, inapt data distribution, incorrect monitoring of any person.

Links to third party Sites

The aPaaS Cloud Website may contain an ample range of in-built software, developing tools & equipment, databases, and storage devices, which are not in the control of aPaaS Cloud. We just provide these services for your convenience and to make your development process easy. aPaaS Cloud does not intend to support or promote any kind of links used in the website that is not responsible for such links.

Copyright Policy And Copyright Agent

It is aPaaS Cloud's policy to respect the copyright and logical property rights of others. We may remove the content that violates and infringe other copyrights. If you believe that aPaaS Cloud may infringe your copyrights in any aspect, you can let us know and give us the following information to fix it.

  • Signature of Authorized Person on behalf of the copyright owner.
  • The license of copyrighted work claimed to have been violated.
  • A proof of the specified thing that you claim is infringing to update it on our site.
  • Your authorized address, contact number, and Email Address.
  • A clear statement by you that you believe the argument is not authenticated by the copyright owner, its agent, and law.
  • A statement by you that all the given information by you is completely accurate, made under the penalty of deception, and entitled to act in an account of the copyright owner.

We don't support refund so we don't have any refund policy

Late Fees

You need to make a 5$ payment in advance that is not refundable to start your project. But once the account reaches zero balance, all your services and projects will be automatically stopped. You need to instantly recharge your account to resume your project. If you do not recharge your account, we keep your data for 15 days in our aPaaS Cloud Database. Penalty will start on a per daily basis immediately after the stopping of service. It will be charged 0.30 USD per day and aPaaS Cloud has the right to change it anytime according to the plan possessed by the user. Additionally, we are not responsible for your data security and backups. You are liable for it.

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

The aPaaS Cloud Website (excluding associated links) is controlled by the https://apaascloud.io/. All the matters and content relating to your access or use, the website shall be governed by laws of India and EEA, without conflicts or disputes any principal laws.

Changes to the Terms of Services

aPaaS Cloud can change and modify the Terms of Services at any time.

Trademark Information

aPaaS Cloud and its logo are the trademarks of aPaaS Cloud. These trademarks are somewhere registered in specific jurisdictions. All other brands and products have specific and registered trademarks for their respective niche. You are not liable to use aPaaS Cloud trademark under any circumstances. We have complete authorization to file a case on you if you use our trademark without any written permission by aPaaS Cloud.