How to open a ticket with registered Email-ID?

Go to the URL:  Go to bottom of the page and click on Submit Ticket. 3. Login with your account. 4. Scroll down and search for Support Tickets Option in Left Side Menu. 5. Click on create 6. Select Respective Department and submit your Query in Details.

How To Create Email Accounts in cPanel

Login to cPanel account. Go to the Email section and click on Email account. 3.Click on Create option. 4. Enter the Email and Password which you want. 5. Select Mailbox Quota as per hosting plan. 6. Then click on Create option. 7. To login to Webmail, click on Check Email option. 8. Then select Webmail interfaces […]

How to Reset Password for WordPress Administrator?

1. Login to PhpMyAdmin from cPanel. 2.  Among all databases, find the WordPress database and navigate to wp_users table. 3. Now, click on edit for the user you wish to change the password. 4. Navigate to “user_pass” field and choose the “Function as MD5” and Enter your new password. 5. […]

How to Setup Mail Forwarding in Plesk?

Login to control panel : Go to the mail section of desired domain. 3. Click on the email-address for which you wish to the forwarder. 4. Go to the “Forwarding” section. Enter the email –id  in the blank place to which you wish to forward the mail. 5. Click on […]

Virus scanning Using cPanel?

The Virus Scanner interface scans your cPanel account for security threats. Login to the cPanel ( There is an icon call Virus Scanner. Click on it. 3. Select the virus scan option and click on any button to directory to scan. After you choose the directory to scan for viruses, click Scan Now. It will scan […]

How to enable DKIM from Panel?

Login to the control panel Email Section : Click on the  “Email Deliverability” option. 3. Click on the manage button in front of the desired domain name 4. Click on Generate Local DKIM Key button. 5. Next,  click on the Install the suggested record. 6. You will need to wait for […]

How to manage e-mail disk usage in cPanel?

Login to the control panel. Under Email section, click on the Email Disk Usage 3. Select the email account you want to view the disk usage It will show you the number of messages and disk space used by it. 4. To free up/manager the usage, click on the manage […]

How to Backup Mysql Database Using PHPMyAdmin?

The PhpMyAdmin is a free web application that provides a convenient GUI for working with the MySQL database management system. It is the most popular MySQL administration tool. You can take backup of your databases through this tool. You need to follow the below steps: Step 1: Login to you […]

How to view your DKIM record in cPanel

Login to cPanel ( OR https://IPAddress:2083) Go to Email Deliverability. 3. Select your domain name and click on Manage. 4. This section will show the DKIM record for your domain. From here can copy the DKIM record and then paste to the DNS Zone to update the DKIM or you can set […]